Friday, November 28, 2014

K is for Kindred Spirits

Do you have someone you adore teaching with?!  I've had those years that I didn't, and it is rough.  I'm so thankful for some special people.

This is my current teaching buddy, Kelly.  This is our 4th year in 2nd grade together.  We sure see eye-to-eye on many, many teaching philosophies!
I work for these amazing ladies!!  We (as a school) are truly blessed to have an incredible administration team that supports and loves us.  I'm here with my principal, Ellyce, and my AP, Kim.

Here come some throwback (Friday) pictures:
This is from 2007.  Jan was my Kindergarten parapro, when I first started teaching.  I was blessed to work with her for 5 years.
This is from 2006.  This is Mandy, my K teaching buddy.  We even got our Master's together.  She is now a stay-at-home mommy.  I'm so happy she can do this, but I still miss her greatly.
This is my 5th grade teaching buddy, Tina.  This is one smart lady!!  We also taught a few years of summer school together.  And we encouraged each other through our Specialist degree program.

Thanks, ladies!  I love you dearly.

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