Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently in July!

I'm linking up with Farley for her monthly linky party.  It's JULY already!  It happens to be my favorite month- my BIRTHDAY!!! =)

In Georgia, we get a thunderstorm every afternoon.  I love it!!

My mom doesn't work outside the home, so she can visit for weeks at a time.  My parents moved ALL the way to Dallas a few years ago, so I love that she visits in the summer.  My dad will fly in for my birthday!

I CANNOT believe that summer is (more than) half way over!  I even went to work on my classroom on Monday.  Since I moved classrooms, there's a little more than the usual organization needed!

In the last Currently, I mentioned that I was hoping to move.  It has worked out so well!  My house is under contract, and I found a great new house!  I would really love some new furniture to go in my bedroom.

I plan to hire movers to haul the furniture.  I will move the boxes with loved ones, but I thought it'd be easier to pay someone to sweat the heavy stuff!

I am pretty good with finances!  I love to organize and get a high when I save money and pay cash for something.  **I am in no way implying that I paid cash for the new house.  LOL.  I'm just pretty good at self-control. =)


  1. Wow I wish I was good at budgeting! I am the worst with money, I love to spend spend spend!!! Congratulations on the move!! That must be a very exciting time! I absolutely hate thunder and lightening and am always so surprised when people say they enjoy storms! I must just be a sissy! Ha! And I know what you mean about summer being over :( Good luck on the new school year!


  2. I'm so jealous! Amazing at budgeting?!? I'm the worst at that. My hubs is the saver in our family- thank goodness. Congrats on the new house and move! It must be such an exciting time for you right now! Good luck with the move!

    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  3. I have only been on my summer break for a week. It's funny to read everyone's currently saying their summer is half over. I am still waiting for my sunshine. I agree with your comment on my blog about the rain with warm weather. It has not been warm enough for me ! Hope it gets hotter. ENjoy the rest of your summer!


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