Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scholastic Book Orders

I LOVE doing Scholastic book orders, and it's pretty easy on my end.  I made an account on

Then I made note of my classroom code--- it's what your parents will use to order online.  There's also NO shipping requirements when they order online.  Scholastic also has an introductory letter that you can send out with the first order.

I keep it easy and send home the Kindergarten flyer each month.  In our school, many parents get paid on the first of the month, so I usually send it home a couple of days before the first day of the month, and I set the due date to the 2nd or 3rd.  I do send a reminder text to get those orders in.  I also date stamp the front of the flyers.

When it's time to send the flyers home, I pass them out to the students-- they put them in their take-home folders.  I allow them time to browse the catalog, and I always point out the $1 book.

When the books come in, we open the box as a class.  I always share what Scholastic GAVE us just for having students order.

Here's how YOU get started:  Go to the website.  If it asks for a referring teacher's customer number, I'm 064-809-5024.
When you place an order of $25 or more, enter the code 60277 for an extra 250 bonus points.

Happy Shopping!!

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