Saturday, July 26, 2014


I have been busy this week!  Among setting up my new classroom, I have met with most of my students and their parents.  In July???  YES!!!!  It is the best time to test my students!  I'm sure many of you need to complete fall running records.  I find it impossible to ask new students to work on their own, following my routines.  It's just not fair to them.  So, I called my parents in mid-July and set aside 2 full days for conferences.  It's nice and quiet, so my kids aren't disrupted while they're reading and comprehending.

I also love the opportunity to speak to parents one-on-one.  Here's my list of topics:

1.  School Supplies- I like to give my own list and ask them to please bring the items to our orientation.  I like to get them before school starts so I can organize.

2.  Parent and Student Surveys- I also ask for the student surveys to be returned on Orientation Day.
I love these back-to-school forms.  I found them here.

3.  I like to guarantee I can read the parents' email address.

4.  I sign them up for Remind.  If you don't use this app, SIGN UP NOW!!  Parents text a special code to a certain number.  Then you can send one text (without anyone seeing your cell #), and it will go to all the parents that signed up.  I use it for reminders like, "Picture day is tomorrow," or "We're going to the Book Fair in the morning!"  It's a lovely app!

5.  And I also use this time to review medical issues and snap a photo of my new student.

*I also give a disclaimer that I don't like fast-food.  BUT as a special treat for coming to school in the summer, they get a coupon for a free happy meal at McDonald's!

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