Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reading Centers

So in my class, my students' reading levels have quite a range!!  In Kelly's class is the same large range.  So we put all of our kids together.  We have 49 kids in 10 reading groups.  She is blessed to have a student teacher that can see our higher students.  In the past, we've given our kids a schedule of their centers- usually guided reading and two more rounds.
THIS YEAR... The whole class is silent reading for the first 15-20 mins. (after the mini-lesson).  We  conference individually with students.
For "Centers":  We made a guided reading schedule, and we're letting go of the reins....
We have come up with 6 other centers.  Students may choose which one they want to go to each day.  I put their face magnet on their guided reading time.  They can choose another center.  The top 3 (under guided reading) HAVE to be done by the end of the week.  The other 3 are like free choices.  (Read-to-Self is actually my story comprehension assessment.  And Puzzles are literacy games.)
This is what it looks like in the mornings when they come in.  Each group has 4-6 members.  If one looks sparse, that's because some of Kelly's kids are in that same group too!
We've only done it this week, but it's working out very well.

I keep this box on the floor.  Any reading activities are in a matching labeled bag.

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