Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Daily Schedule

It's Day 4 of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week.  WHEN do I teach WHAT?


7:45-8:10      Morning Work:  Previous unfinished work/tonight's math homework/read around the room
8:10-8:20      Morning Announcements
8:20-8:35      Reading Mini-Lesson
8:35-8:57      Read to Self (individual conferences)
8:57-9:19      Reading Center Round 1
9:19-9:41      Reading Center Round 2
9:41-9:52      Morning Meeting
9:55-10:35    Connections
10:40-11:00  Calendar/ Number Talk or Exemplar
11:00-11:15  Whole Group Math
11:15-11:45   Math Jobs
11:50-12:20   Social Studies / Science
12:20-12:30   Review Math homework
12:35-1:35     Lunch/Recess
1:35-1:45       Pack up, agendas, classroom jobs
1:45-2:05       Mentor Sentence/Writing Mini-Lesson
2:05-2:35       Writer’s Workshop
2:35-2:45       Chapter book read-aloud

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