Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bitty Bloggers

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KIDBLOG.ORG!!!  I found out about this kid-friendly website this summer.  Word to the wise:  pick your own URL address.  I picked http://kidblog.org/KCollins1415/  That way I can keep the blog alive after these kiddos move on from 2nd grade.  Please stop by to get an idea of what students can do!
I started with a post about themselves or school; I knew they could surely blog about themselves!  Now I use it mostly for Science and Social Studies.
I DID set the comment option to need my approval- we're dealing with children here.  I shared the website with the parents and asked them to share with their families/friends.  I ask that comments include a location; I'm trying to show the capacity of reaching the world!  And sure enough, we've had hits in Africa. =)
looking at a blog post

looking at many post options

leaving a comment on a friend's blog post

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