Monday, September 8, 2014

Math Jobs

Well, as promised, here is the post about my Math Jobs.  My math time consists of:
10 mins. Calendar notebook/SmartBoard
10 mins. Number Talk or Exemplar modeling
15 mins. Whole group mini-lesson
30 mins. Math Jobs
10 mins. Math homework review

I LOVE our Math Job time.  I have them participate in these partnered jobs Mon.-Th.  Each rubric/set of activities last 2 weeks.  At this time, I pull them for Guided Math.

The partners share a folder and much of the work.  Each child gets his own rubric (word problem gets glued on the back) and independent work.  This is what I usually take for a grade.  There are some "Have To's":  Partner Work, Word Problem, Computation (individual seat work).  The extras are:  games, SmartBoard/computer games, fact fluency flashcards.
Here's a sample sheet:  Math Jobs

Busy at work:
As you can see, I have them circle the numbers of the "Have To's."  This group is checking them off as they go.

 I allow them to work anywhere they feel comfortable:  at desks, on the floor, in the hall.

 I usually have tons of Amy Lemons activities.  They're already learning her name! =)

 All of the game materials are kept in my file drawers, with corresponding number.

I could not teach well without Sheppard Software!!  It has fabulous math games!

And here is where all my sweeties can find their center materials:

I decided to use "Math Jobs" (rather than an assigned center rotation) last January.  It was an easy transition for my students.  Starting the year with them has made Math so much fun!!

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