Sunday, November 30, 2014

Addition Strategies

According to the Common Core, our students will learn a variety of ways to explain their addition strategies.  Fighting that standard-algorithm-battle with parents every year is not easy. =)  I tell them to trust me and trust their child.  By the end of the year, he/she will have such a deep understanding of math.
If you have not heard of Number Talks by Sherry Parrish, please get this book!  Or get your school to buy some.  It comes with a DVD showing you exactly the conversations you should have.  AND it's my favorite kind of book- a year's worth of ideas... excuse me- many years' worth.  This book spans K-5.  Ok, off my soapbox:  we do number talks (mental math strategies) once a week.  And WOW!  Their mental capabilities are so exciting.
I really feel like I don't need to explicitly need to teach Addition Strategies.  All of our Number Talks have built up to larger numbers we can mentally add.  For example, 19 + 38.  Nevertheless, I do teach a few strategies.
I teach a mini-lesson for 10 minutes or so.  Across 3 or 4 weeks, my students write direct notes into their journals on 5 of those days.  Here is what we practiced old-school (so they can teach their parents at home). =)
 I'm hoping they'll find a favorite.  Mine is expanded form.
 The number line sure can be fun too!  I made sure we all hopped, skipped, and jumped around the room.  When we got to the "100," they came up with "fly."  One student said, "Leap," which I think is cute too!!
 Part/Part/Whole:  Not the way my brain thinks.  We talk about different brains a lot.  I poll them every day.  Does your brain love, like, or hate number line?  What about making a model?
 We can make a model using base ten blocks or jump around on a hundred's chart.

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