Monday, December 1, 2014


It's my favorite month of the year!!  Anyone else with me?  My mom has always done up holidays and birthdays BIG for us, especially Christmas.  So I was properly brainwashed. =)

Here are a few pictures in my home.  (I actually cut back a lot this year.)  I bought my house at the wee age of 24 and updated many decorations recently.

Y'all, I just love this plate! =)

 My mom made this wreath for me this year!  I sent her a pin on Pinterest, and she made one for me.

 My mantle holds my Santas in a place of honor.  My namesake, my beautiful grandmother, made these Santas.  They are a treasured memory for me!

 I always liked the ones with children.

 My dad found these for me this year!!  LOL!  He said I really needed to decorate with these.

 I used to keep colored ball ornaments in this, but I found these glittery stick balls at Pier 1 last year.  I do like things that sparkle!

 My house is a bit dark, so it's hard to see the tree.  During the day, I like bright sunlight.  At night, I like lamps and a soft glow.  So photographs are difficult in my house.
This is a new, skinny tree.  I love how narrow it is!

 This is a favorite in my house!  My black tree goes in my room.  It's just beautiful!  My room is green with black accents.  Even though it's black, I've made it pretty girly.

This is my Charlie Brown tree.  It sits on my sofa table for all to see.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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