Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mystery Unit

We did our mystery unit this week!!!  I bought all the goodies from Amy Lemons.  My students LOVED this!!!

First, make sure you read a mystery chapter book (whole group) to introduce the concept.  In my afternoon read-aloud, I like to read the first book in various series.  I had already read The Absent Author, the first in the A-Z Mysteries, by Ron Roy.

These picture books would also be a good introduction, too.  Piggins is very good yet long.
I grouped my students (pretty much the guided reading groups), and handed out packets with books to go with them.

For my lower students, I was able to find many Young Cam Jansen and Scooby Doo books.  They broke up into partners to share the book.  For my lowest group, I gathered them at the kidney table and read with them.  I was able to model, and we could discuss answers.
Also having many picture books gave my chapter book readers more time.  When the picture book kids finished their book and packets, they could browse the mysteries and pick any to read together.

Hard at work!

Thanks, Amy, for the great idea!  My kids appreciate you. =)

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