Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Sorry this one's late... maybe you can file it away for next year.  My writing mini-lesson is only 10-15 mins., so this lesson took 3 days.  I first discussed what a resolution is.... previous years' resolutions have been, "I'd like to play video games more."  It's important they understand that resolutions make us better either on the inside or the outside. =)  I always have them plan in various ways.  This time, they listed 3 goals they might be interested in.

The next day, I had them pick one and write how they'd achieve this goal.

Finally, they get to create themselves.  I love how creative they choose to be.  It's completely up to them!  *I also feel it's important for them to pick their skin color.  Unfortunately, my Hispanic friends are at a loss:  neither manilla nor brown works for them... I need to search around for some tan paper.

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