Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Surviving Until Summer....

I'm linking up with the Queen and Ms. Fabulous with surviving these last several weeks of school!  I LOVE this time of year!  The hecticness of it!  And so many extra, fun activities!

For the last 26 days my school, and many others in my county, participate in an

This was (I believe) created by a 2nd grade teacher.  I adapted it when I taught K and 5th.  It's such a FUN way to end the school year.  I've changed it many times over the years.  I sent home a calendar on Monday; our ABC Countdown officially begins on Thursday.  Listed on the calendar are all the activities/plans for each day.

Here it is, folks:
A is for Autograph Day.  My students need to bring in a fun pen and will sign their hands off!  These will go in their memory books.

B is for Braves Day.  We'll support the home team with Braves' attire.  Some years when the weather's nice, we've had a baseball game with another class.

C is for Candy Day.  Each child brings in a small bag of candy (like bought waiting in line at the grocery store).  I'll combine all this candy in a giant bowl, mix, and scoop.

D is for Delicious Snack Day.  They can go to the gas station and bring in any awful snack they want!  Doughnuts, candy bar, etc.  They can even bring in a Coke!  I'll keep it cold in the fridge.  I'm a healthy eater and have commented on healthy choices all year!

E is for Earth Day.  Fits nicely! =)

F is for Funky Clothes/Hair Day.  This is a chance for us to dress oh so crazy!  Here are some of my crazy 5th graders one year:

G is for Game Day.  Lots of review games; they can also bring in board games.

H is for Hat Day.

I is for Illustrator Day.  I try to come up with some fun art activities.

J is for Joke/Riddle Day.  They supply the laughter!

K is for King Day.  We treat our boys like royalty:  lining up first, eating in the room, anything to make them feel special!

L is for Lollipop Day.  I supply 2 or 3 throughout the day.  (I haven't given them much candy all year!  Here's payback.)

M is for Math Day- all day!

N is for NO More Homework!!!

O is for Outside Day.  I love this one.  We have reading time outside.  We picnic.  Anytime I can teach outside that day, I do!  I have them bring in beach towels for the prickly grass.

P is for Professional Day.  They dress in career clothing. =)  SO cute!

Q is for Queen Day.  It's time our little queens to be treated royally.

R is for Read Day- all day!

S is for Summer Planning Day. We discuss the summer slide and come up with a plan/goal for reading through the summer.

T is for Treat Day.  I line the day with special treats- eating in the room, a special reader, something out of the ordinary.  And all day, I make them say (all together), "Oh, what a treat!"

U is for USA Day.  It's like a mini-Memorial Day instruction day.  We also dress in patriotic clothing.

V is for Vacation Day.  It's the last dress-up day.  My boys wear swimming trunks/shirts.  My girls wear bathing suits under their clothes.  They wear flip-flops, big hats, sunglasses...  I also bring in sunscreen, so we can smell like summer!  This is me and a colleague back in 2006!

W is for Watermelon Day.  What fun it is to eat watermelon outside on a hot day in Georgia.  We also have an official seed-spitting contest.

X is for Xtra Recess.

Y is for Year-End Celebration Day.  That's our goodbye party!

Z is for ZEE END!!

I look forward to ABC Countdown every year, and it sure makes that long May so enjoyable! =)
Here's my Google Doc template.  Of course I use a cute font, and I fit it all on one page.

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