Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Planner Post

I am not paid by Erin Condren.  I just want to share!  I am a frugal person who prefers quality.  So that often puts me in a conundrum.  My friends were shocked at the price I paid for a planner.  It's more than just a "planner!"

I carry my planner around everywhere, and everything is in it!!  I did NOT regret spending the money!!

Well, I received next year's planner today, so I thought I'd share with those of you that might be pondering it.  You should also check out their little video with its cute music:

So this is what you see on your doorstep!

Then it's packaged oh so neatly, complete with bubble-wrap! =)

And I love all the different wrapping and the little extras they add in.  In this red bag is my FREE tshirt!!!  Right now, they're running a different special.  Put in TEACHER25 until 5/31/15 to receive 25% off.  I love the specials they run.

I added a picture of my sweet Jake to look at if I *ever* have a frustrating moment while teaching.

The calendar spreads are multi-colored and high quality.  Here are examples of removable stickers.  Some are pre-printed; some are blank.  Plus, notice all the inspiring quotations throughout the pages!

There are 3 lined sheets with each month.  I can put ALL my notes/things to do for each month here.

The lesson planning part:

Grades can be put all in one place.  Spring for some extra pages if you like to takes lots of grades!

Also included are:  absentee list, grid paper, folder, and sheet protectors.  Plus you get a ruler and a little pencil pouch.  I added sheet protectors (man, are they thick!).  I like to keep our standards, lists of books/ideas, and teaching strategies.  If I were you, I'd get the pen holder.  It's only a couple of dollars and helps to keep you organized.  ALSO... so fun...  You can take off the covers!  You can move your pencil pouch to the front... or you can order additional covers.

If I lead you to your order, please click on my referral link. =)  Thanks!

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