Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mommy & Me Tea

Y'all.  I had one of the best days of the year.  Thank you to Michelle who shared her Mommy & Me Tea party idea.  I bought her kit on TPT.  We had the BEST time!!

All week, we prepped.  My students wrote a biography of their mom (reasons why they love her).  With each reason, I then made them give me a specific.  On the writing template, there's a place for them to draw a portrait. =)

We also made the Mommy purse-shaped books.  These are always my favorite:  This is what makes my mom angry.... This is what my mom does to relax....  They finished the sentence and drew a picture to go with it.

We also made the fingerprint paper teacup.  They cut it out and glued to construction paper.

My prep work included:  printed Michelle's signs.  Bought Mason jars & flowers.  Bought cookies, muffin mix, lemonade, tea, paper products.

As for the party day itself, my students LOVED decorating (even the boys!):
My students clipped the sign to the string.  I just hung it from the ceiling.

They decorated the butcher paper tablecloth with flowers.

They measured the flowers, cut, and arranged in Mason jars.

Normally we sit in groups.  For the party we moved all the desks and spaced out the chairs.  I alternated:  inside, outside, inside, outside.  That way, the moms would have more space.  I told my students they would kneel or stand beside Mom.

A closer look at desks waiting for Mom:

The sign says, "Welcome Mommies!  Please wait to be seated."  When a mom came, her child would escort her to his desk.

A shot of the food table and sign:

I had warned my students this was NOT a snack time for them.  It was about honoring Mom.  They took Mom's order and served them.  Once moms were eating, they got to have a treat too.

I played classical music and took a photograph of each child with Mom.  They also had the opportunity to make a tissue paper flower together.

Overall it was such a WONDERFUL time!!!  I hate that I haven't done it before, and I will definitely make it a priority every year!! =)

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