Saturday, August 29, 2015

Color Week!

Please know that I'm not teaching colors.  We are working on reading and writing these words. =)  Please see my previous post about my color word centers.  Below, I have all of the books linked to Amazon.

At our school we wear different colors per day for 2 weeks.  It's so fun to see everyone supporting us.

I started off the week by reading Mouse Paint.
I just love this story about mixing primary colors!  Afterwards, I put 2 plates of red, yellow, blue paints at each table and passed out white copy paper.  I had them hold up 2 pointer fingers.  I told them to dip into red and into blue.  I had them mix on their paper.  Each student also had a wet wipe to "clean."  I repeated with the other primary colors.  At the end, I had them hold up 3 fingers and grab all 3.  They had no idea what to expect. =)

The next day we watched Eric Litwin's live telling of Pete the Cat, I Love my White Shoes.  So fun!
I made a quick template to use as a class book.  
I did NOT come up with this idea.  I found it HERE.  Click HERE for my template.

On Wednesday we read Go Away, Big Green Monster!
Then we completed a listening activity.  I gave them a white sheet of paper and told them to draw a shape.  Then they picked up an orange or yellow crayon to draw eyes.  Next was a blue or green crayon for the nose.  Pink/red for the mouth- with white teeth.  Squiggly ears.  Purple/pink hair.  Finally they colored the monster's face any color.  These turned out so cute!!

I found a cute puppet template HERE.

Additionally, we graphed our favorite colors.  HERE are my crayons.

On the last day, we made Cara Carroll's Color Pal.  I had them choose their favorite color.  Interesting how the graph doesn't match their pals. =)

We did this after reading The Day the Crayons Quit.  I just LOVE this book.  So clever!!!

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