Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Color Words: Learning to Read & Write 'Em

This is an oldie but goodie for me.  I did give it an update, though.  This is a center I use each week, for the first several weeks of school.

Each student has a recording sheet and are looking at a set of color cards.
I display the cards (mixed up) on a pocket chart.  I also allow the students to grab the cards to compare words if they need to.
My students need to write the color word (6 times) on the lines.  Then they match the initial consonants to figure out which picture to draw.

The MOST important part is reading with them when the finish.  I use my finger to practice one-to-one correspondence.  This center takes a lot of guidance at first, but pretty soon they're independent.  You could also cut the little squares and make a book.

You can get the Blue Freebie HERE.
You can get the whole set in my TPT store HERE.

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