Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hopefully this post will help you plan for next year.

Let me hop onto my little soapbox.  Kindergarteners need to have fun.  They need to socialize.  They need to interact.  They need to play.  They need to sing, dance, wiggle.  Please don't say you can't fit housekeeping into your schedule.  You can't afford to take these types of learning OUT of your day.  I am passionate about defending age-appropriateness for our babies.  Please do not misunderstand me:  they should be reading and writing and 'rithmaticking daily.

Before I explain FUN FRIDAY, I need to explain my daily centers.  The block is about 45 minutes.  They have a task.  Table 1 will include phonics/sight words; Table 2 includes writing; Table 3 is Starfall or RAZ Kids; Table 4 is theme-based art.  (These are very rough explanations.)  When a child finishes his task, he may play.

Table 1's cubbies include magnetic letters, letter stamps, fun markers/paper, literacy puzzles.
Table 2's cubbies include fine motor skills:  beading, lacing, play dough, small puzzles, linking cubes.
Table 3 goes to housekeeping.
Table 4's cubbies feature gross motor skills:  big blocks, floor puzzles, plastic animals.

I rotate where the children sit every day.  The RED table starts out at Table 1 on Monday, moving on to sequential tables each following day.

FUN FRIDAY holds those old-fashioned Kindergarten activities.

Listening Center:  They do actually listen throughout the week; it's here if they'd like to listen again.

Paint!!!  One of my favorite options.

Board games

Free reading

Blocks:  This is where Table 4 goes each day.  They definitely like to repeat!

SmartBoard math games

Instruments:  Boy, does this get a little loud!!

Housekeeping:  Table 3 goes here, but it's another necessary repeat.

The sand table is only open on Fridays.  Disclaimer:  this is magic sand and costs a lot.  It looks like a feeble amount.


Fun Friday is a highlight to my week.  It's noisy but oh so fun!!

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