Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Organization Skills...

It's Day 3 of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week.  Today we're showing some organizing tips.  These are not novel ideas, but here are just a few ways I organize:
 I put everything I need for the upcoming week here.  This is one of my favorite tools.  It's all there for me and doesn't take up much room!

 All of my copies or ideas for interactive notebooks are sorted by subject.  I have all originals in page protectors.
 This is an example of Science.  I put the skills needed for the nine weeks at the front and the units (in order) go behind it.  Each nine weeks is color coded. =)

 How I organize my centers:  all of these little signs have those sticker magnets on the back.  I have each day  of the week typed out on a grid, and I have a student put the pictures up in the afternoon, ready for the next day.  *Sidenote:  "Puzzles" is for my reading games.  "Reading" is my Research center.  They just have to stretch their imaginations a little to make it work. ;)

I have a whole different way of organizing Math Jobs, but that is for another day!

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