Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet the Teacher

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week:

Who am I?  That's a big question.  First of all, my name is Kim Collins.  It's important to know that I picked my career in Kindergarten.  Apparently years later my kindergarten teacher told my mom it took her half a year to convince me that SHE was the teacher.

I graduated high school from the same county in which I now work.  I went to a small, Christian college, Lipscomb University, in Nashville.  It was my dream to go there and have "Christian camp for four whole years!!"  (I'm quoting my mom here.)  I am very involved with my church family.  And family they are!!!

My blood family I'm blessed with consists of my dad, mom, and baby brother, Ben.

This is our most favorite place in the world, still.... All 4 adults and Mickey!!!

I have awesome friends!!
These are my Lipscomb roommates.  We make sure to fly or drive great distances to spend a few days together a couple of times a year.

This is my awesome teaching buddy, Kelly.

This is my BFF.  I use that phrase because we started using that term in high school!! =)

Things I Love:
 I love my perfect dog, Jake.  He's a 10yr old peke a poo.


I must be quite honest:  I love shopping for shoes and clothes and teacher supplies and jewelry and coats and accessories....  I really love Etsy and Amazon.

I love foster care.  My mom was blessed to be raised in a Christian foster home.  I give back in my own way too.

I love to travel and learn about other cultures.
I've also been blessed to go to Romania, Nicaragua, and several European countries.

I love personal finance.  I'm a Dave Ramsey guru.  I have been an envelope girl since high school.  (This is actually how I was able to save enough while in college to go on my big European trip when I graduated!)

I love healthy, homecooked foods.  I bake a lot!!  However, I had to pump the breaks when I went gluten free.  I'm finding a whole new way of cooking.  My favorite before-school breakfast is baked oatmeal.  It's so easy just to heat some up.  Lynn's Kitchen Adventures is the place to get those recipes!

I love a lot.  I'll stop for now. =)  Much love!


  1. I love Nashville and Dave Ramsey too! I wish I was as down with his plan as you have been but it is a work in progress! Someday!

    Lisa @ TeachingandLearningwitthLisaandLaura

    1. I definitely suggest finding one of his classes!! I read his book years ago, but his class is so much fun!


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