Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome to my Classroom!!

Day 2 of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week:

I moved classrooms, and I'm not sure I've got everything just where I want it.  Also, I started using desks this year.  I used them in 5th, but in 2nd I've only used tables.  I don't like clutter, and tables are easier to keep organized.  So, here's my classroom:

 I have a common desk in the middle.  I got a couple feet of fabric to fancy it up.  This is my Green Team, complete with their "I'm done with work" books and their point card.  (Points are given for quick and quiet teamwork.  Highest points each month eats in the room with me one lunch.)

 I'm using these 2 cabinets as separators.  I will add anchor charts this year to the backs.  I'm also using my overhead projector as my game shelf.  And there are books all over my room!

 This is my writing shelf.  I use the book No More, "I'm Done!" for writer's workshop.  Much of this is her advice:  various writing tools, types of paper, books for inspiration.  I've also got their writing folders and hanging files with graphic organizers and rubrics.

 This is their turn-in shelf and another spot for books!  On the hooks are their reading bags.  This is where they keep their Read-to-Self books.  Target has these Dr. Seuss bags for $1 each!!  I've been grateful to find them 3 years in a row!!

2nd grade calendar:  just the basics.  I have an interactive calendar on my SmartBoard.  I also made calendar notebooks for them to follow along with my VIP student for the day (who is leading calendar).  This is also my guided reading/math kidney table.  I have my teaching supplies on that shelf.

There is so much more, but that was just a quick view. =)

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