Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Paper Poms

My lovely teaching friend, Candace, taught me how to make these.  If you'd like info, follow along:

 Accordian fold (back and forth) 8 or 9 sheets of tissue paper, about an inch wide.

 Staple and tape a string (about a foot long) to the center of your folded paper.

Cut a rounded edge for softer poms.  Jagged edges give you the spikey look.

 Separate all of the tissue paper.

 Make sure you spread it all over the place.  Look for any sheets stuck together.

 I tie a paper clip to the other end of the string to make it easier to stick up into our ceiling.

I've also seen multiple colors used in one pom.  It'd also be cute to use solid and print together.

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