Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Museum Night... Success!!

We have finished up our Creek/Cherokee American Indians' study.  In my earlier post I mentioned that the children could choose how to represent their learning... models, writing, painting, etc!  We invited our parents to come in last night and had the pleasure of listening to the students teach their parents ALL about their learning!

 a snapshot of the 2nd grade hall

 We organized our hallway by the necessities of a Creek/Cherokee village.  They needed to live near a water source.  This area hosted fish and canoes.
Many students loved the tools' section!!
This exhibits shows the main Cherokee vegetables:  corn, beans, squash.  They were nicknamed "The Three Sisters."

Mary Musgrove ran a trading post!
The plaza was an open field for games, festivals, and ceremonies.
Here you see James Oglethorpe's (and crew) journey from England to Georgia.  We also had a few sections to represent important Georgians during this time period:  Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove (Coosaponakeesa), and Sequoyah.

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