Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently January!

Linking up with Farley for this month's Currently:

My little one is getting her Albuterol treatment, so she gets to watch TV.  She chose Doc.

I have LOVED my time off.  I do so love my job and my students.  Spending time with my family, however, has been amazing!  I know next week will be very difficult to get back in the swing!

I missed my allergy pill last night.  I cannot go ONE day without it.  I've recently quit my allergy shots.  I honestly feel I've gotten worse.  Today I've gone through a million tissues and have had several sneezing marathons.

It's time to spring clean in January!  I'm making a large donation to American Kidney Fund and want to make sure I've cleared out all I can.  So I'm cleaning and organizing... one room at a time.  (Maybe that's my sneezing issue!!)

I'm always happy to see what a new year holds.  And I'm almost done with my Christmas candy.  I'm ready to get back to clean eating!

And my gradebook?  I always procrastinate on adding behavior/effort grades.  I did manage to grade everything before our break.  I've just got to stick in those comments.


  1. I remember when my son would have to have his nebulizer treatments. We watched a lot of Disney movies! That was 20 years ago. He has grown out of a lot of his need for albuterol, but still has to know where his inhaler is. I always put off those effort and behavior grades too! They are so subjective!! Happy 2015!

  2. I absolutely hated the gradebook. I honestly wished I could do SBG and just do a mastery/non-mastery type report card.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane


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