Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hallway Bragging!!

I have so much to display in my room that I've had to move to the hallway.  I often remind the kids not to brag on themselves (except to a Mommy).  But I can sure brag!  Here are some ideas to help your students feel special.

At the very top you'll see our Fact Fluency clubs.  Our school really pushes automaticity at every grade level!  I highly advise this!!  They are given a sheet of 100 simple facts (randomly organized) on a weekly basis.  They have 5 mins. to complete as many as they can.  Each student's goal is to increase a little bit each week.  And of course we graph these results!
I also give mine a strip with 20 problems each day.  I give a couple of minutes to work on ACCURACY, not SPEED (strip not to be completed!!).  This TOTALLY makes a difference.  When I taught 5th, I saw that if I skipped the practices, they wouldn't complete as many on our timing day.

4th/5th grades work on multiplication through 12
3rd works on chunks of multiplication facts
2nd works on addition through 20; subtraction through 20
1st works on addition through 10; subtraction through 10
K works on introducing and practicing for fun!

"50 Club" means those kids can do 50+ addition facts in 5 mins.  The "100 Club" kids can do 100+ facts in 5 mins.  There's a history-making student in my class.  (Our school has been open 11 yrs.)  Rachael can complete over 300 addition problems in 5 mins.!!!  Yowsa.
This 2nd semester we're working on subtraction this semester.

The bucket:  fill our bucket!!  We have these all around the school.  Anyone can write a note to our class or to a student.  Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

We are collecting GoNoodle certificates.  I lost the first one! =(

We are the Black Knights, and we adopted a "Champion" mentality several years ago.  I pick a Black Knight each week.

Finally, we need to advertise our AR points.  Thanks to Amy Lemons's freebie, I have super-cute signs for them to autograph.

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