Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fairy Tales and Fables

We spent the week before last on fairy tales.  We discussed common elements and compared various versions of stories.  Plus there's all those fun fractured ones.

Last week, we studied fables.  I'm hear to share our "Jigsaw" Strategy.  We started the week by reviewing vocabulary and discussing what a lesson/moral/message is.  I am SO happy we have Nicole Shelby's Reading Interactive Notebook.

The following day, I grouped them by reading level, and each group had a different fable to read, discuss, and take notes on.  For my ESOL babies, I gave them a fable we had done in Guided Reading AND I found an audio version online that they could listen to the day before.  These stories came from a HUGE packet of fairy tales and fables by Yvonne Dixon:

The following day, I mixed them into different groups.  This time no one in their group had the same fable.  They were responsible for teaching (NOT reading) the fable and the lesson.

We wrapped up the week with a ticket out the door, a matching title/moral game, and final notes for our reading journals.

What a fun week! =)

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