Thursday, February 5, 2015

How Big is a Foot?

We have been measuring currency and time.  Now we've moved on to length.  As one of our beginning activities, we read How Big is a Foot?  This story is about creating a bed for a queen- using different sized feet.  It's important for everyone to use the same size foot when measuring! =)

I was able to find a child reading the story on youtube.  Here's a safeshare link:

The following day, I had them create a bed for Queen Collins.  Just as in the story, I had them measure me a bed, using butcher paper.  They worked in groups with very minimal instructions.

I picked various sizes of shoes:  men's, mine, a student's, and a 2 year old's.  They immediately knew the tiny shoe would not work.

Busy measuring:

Some finished products:
If you'll notice, one team even provided me with a pillow. =)))

We discussed why it's so important for everyone to use standard measuring.  And then, of course, they all had to try out the Queen's beds.

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