Friday, May 29, 2015

Mentor Sentences!!

I finally converted my super-long Word document to PPT and created my Mentor Sentence packet.  It's for sale in my TPT store.  I have been using solely mentor sentences to teach grammar for 6 years now.  When I taught 5th grade, most of my students exceeded on the ELA portion of our state assessments.

Now that I teach 2nd, I continue to teach with mentor sentences.  However, I now use mini sentence strips cut out for them.  I'm always looking for ways to save some time!  I also had to create some sentences with particular parts of speech.

In my packet I included instructions on how you could teach to both upper and lower grade levels.  Here, on my blog, I will share those instructions with you now:  Click here.
Of course in my packet, I used a cute font and adorable border.

Here is my table of contents, so you can see that this set will last you all year long.  There are some duplicates; I know some sentences will work for different audiences!

I used Mentor Sentence prep as my morning work.  At my school, the student arrival spans 30 minutes.  Some students walk in as announcements begin.  I like using this as morning work, and I don't need to make additional copies of random morning work for the year.  In my set, I have a mini-poster that I displayed for my 5th graders, to keep them on schedule.

 And here's a closer look at the actual mentor sentences.  Just print and cut!
If you're interested in a book to read, I recommend Jeff Anderson's Mechanically Inclined.  He taught middle school, but it's still a great read!  Happy Grammar-ing!!  (While I pride myself on my English grammar, I tend to make up words.) ;)

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