Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of the Year!!

Well, we've been out of school for nearly two weeks.  And yes, I miss my sweeties.

Grades are due a few days before school lets out, guided reading books are due to the bookroom, and Nooks are due to the library.  As with most of you, my resources get quite limited.  I find that we must keep learning and working, though.  The excitement of pending summer is feasible. =)

Throughout the year, I organize reading centers (3 blocked-off rounds) and math jobs (free reign for 30 mins.).  All of this is student-chosen--- until I call them over for groups.  I explained how I run Math Jobs in this post:  click here.  And how I organize Reading Centers in this post:  click here.

For the last week of school, I switched things up a little and had them do Reading Jobs.  I got Amy Lemons's Summer Literacy packet.  I typed up my usual checklist for them, stapled all the recording sheets, and let them have free reign!  They did any center they wanted, any day they wanted.  I also let them work alone or with different partners each day.  It was a great review!

We also had Field Day.  They loved being able to play.  Their favorite part is the afternoon-organized-game time.  Here's a shot of my class:

For our end-of-the-year celebration, we have an ice cream sundae party.  I'm sorry I didn't get photos; I was too busy eating my favorite dessert! =)

I also give out awards on this day.  It's such a special time.  I got these from Blair Turner.  I love the fonts and colors she used!

I also give them Memory Books... more to come on that later. =)

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