Friday, October 16, 2015


I'm sure you're aware of the tradition of BOOing people.  I just got BOO'd by someone in my neighborhood.  What a treat it is to know that someone was thinking of us.  I was supposed to copy the note.  It's on cute orange cardstock, and I don't keep anything creative at home.  So I had to recreate in PPT.  I thought I'd share with y'all in case you ever need it.

Click on the image below:

Here are some ideas from the neighbor that BOO'd us:
Halloween bag, glow jewelry, glow-in-the-dark insects, cup, AND candy.

We also participate in this tradition at school.  For your free download, I made 2 different kinds:  one for neighbors and one for school friends.  I hope you can spread a little cheer before Halloween! =)

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