Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pumpkin Week!

I'm jumping into Halloween month with pumpkins!  I first asked my parents to please send in a small pumpkin- any size.

We measured them with strips of butcher paper.  I helped them cut off the excess paper.  I do not like to use string because it stretches.
Then I had them find something in the classroom that was the same length.  Finally we sat in a circle and ordered their strips from smallest to largest.  We then compared our smallest pumpkin to the largest pumpkin.

Later they held their pumpkins and used 2 senses to describe them:  sight and touch.  I wrote these on a butcher-paper-pumpkin.

The next day, we tested if pumpkins sink or float.

In Math, we ordered pumpkins from smallest to largest.

The next day they ordered pumpkins by number.

These math activities (and more) are in my Fall Math Centers' packet in my TPT store.

To learn about the life cycle, we started out by reading the necessary Gail Gibbons book.

I'm a big fan of Cara Carroll, and she posted where to find these photographs (HERE).

For writing, I pulled pumpkin seeds out of a jack-o-lantern.  Since we have been learning about fall for a couple of weeks, they were a variety of fall words.  We talked about how each of these words represent something about the fall.  I then gave each of them a seed and had them write about it.

Two of my centers were pumpkin-related.  One was a "Where is Pumpkin" book.  The pages behind this cover say random positional words, like "Under the moon..." or "Above the cat..."  Then there's a little pumpkin they use to position it correctly.  This is a Mailbox Magazine activity, so I can't show too much. =)  But you get the idea!

Okay, this one is a precious activity.  The kiddos color/cut/glue fences in number order.  Then they paint little pumpkins with their fingers, sittin' on the gate.

Finally, who doesn't love singing?!

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

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